Goddard Youth Camp

Food Service

Goddard Youth Camp food service is all inclusive, ALL YOU CAN EAT, and nutritionally balanced meals.  We serve three meals a day and can arrange for other special food service needs.

Cookouts and pizza parties can be arranged to further enhance your stay at Goddard Youth Camp.    Please coordinate with or through our Food Service Managerfor your special needs or requests.

It has been professed that if you eat one serving of food, at all three meals, each day while at Goddard Youth Camp AND walk all four of the trails, you will loose 10 pounds during that week.   Hey, sign me up for 2 weeks!!

Visitors and parents (after coordinating through camp director) are welcome and encouraged to join us for meals.   Meals for non campers are $5.00 (no tax and no tip required).  We have a, served, "ALL YOU CAN EAT" buffet style cafeteria.  Please notify the Food Service Manager, in advance, should you decide to eat with us.  This will insure we have enough food for everyone.


Breakfast: 8:00 a.m.

Lunch: Noon

Dinner: 5:30 p.m.