Goddard Youth Camp

Museum Day Trips

The Goddard Children's Museum was built in 1997.  It is a 24,000 square foot two story building, uniquely designed to fit the existing landscape at its location.  Visitors will find several different scenarios throughout the museum.  

Audio/Visual Room 

Our "Audio/Visual" room will provide groups with state of the art equipment, including a 9' X 15' movie viewing screen.  Audio surround sound, with Dolby audio equipment, has been  designed specifically for this room.

Graffham Hall (Fran's Room)

Fran has stood proudly in this exhibit since the Children's Museum opened in 1997.  She is a 40 foot long 10 foot high "Acrocanthasaurus" (ACRO-can-THE- sar-US (High Spine Lizard) dinosaur.  Found in Southeastern Oklahoma and restored at the Black Hills institute in the Dakotas.  The carnivore (meat eating) display is truly an experience you will enjoy.

Native Culture Room

One of the true treasures of the museum is the "Indian Exhibit."  Tribes from all over North America helped create an authentic and hands-on exhibit of Native  American cultures.  Wearing authentic clothing and grinding corn on 2,000 year-old "matate stones" is truly one of the highlights of the day.  These displays allow you to get a sense of how Native American culture has influenced us today.  To be able to handle "actual" artifacts, beat an authentic animal skin drum and grind corn the "old fashion way" is truly an enlightening experience.

Animal Room

The exhibits, in this room, provide visitors with extraordinary displays of birds, fish, plants and animals that are indigenous to Southern Oklahoma and North  Texas.  You are able to actually pick up and examine, up close, furs, bones, skeletons, skins and more.

Fossil Dig 

This exhibit remains in the spirit of others within the museum (touchie ... feelie).  You can actually dig for "real" dinosaur bones, there are several to be found within this 6,000 square foot area display.  Visitors of all ages will find an abudnance of real fossils. and you can take them home with you, compliments of the Goddard Children's Musuem.


Walk along a  prehistoric stream.  Follow the footsteps of prehistoric birds and animals as you go back in time to the days of dinosaurs and other  animals of  long ago.  Water is the source for life - animals seek out water - streams are a VERY important social gathering places, for ALL!

Gift Shop

Spend a little time in our gift shop and take memories with you.  We have t-shirts, caps, walking canes, coffee  mugs, numerous fossils and many, many other interesting items.